Welcome to the City of Casper, Wyoming


Family Golf Day

Join us for a fun afternoon of family golf! Play our 9 hole  themed golf game. You can even dress the part! Call the pro shop at 307-233-6620 to get your family a tee time (reservations taken 8 days in advance of each event). The 9 hole game will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

Tee times will be accepted between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. If you need to borrow kid's clubs, please let the pro know when you call. Price is $76 for a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids) and includes a cart (a 30% savings!). Carts are required for the event to maintain speed of play. Carts may only be driven by golfers 16 and up with a valid drivers license.

Family Golf Day Schedule and Themes

Sunday, May 20th- Superhero (tee times accepted May 12-19)
Sunday, June 17th- Father's Day (tee times accepted June 9-16)
Sunday, July 15th- Beach Play (tee times accepted July 7-14)
Sunday, August 12th Team Spirit (tee times accepted August 4-10, if we do not have enough sign ups by the 10th at 3:00 p.m. we will be cancelling the event so the course can be open for regular play)

Team Spirit Family Golf Day Game
Sunday, August 12th

​Play your way through 9 different sports including golf! Show you team spirit, cheer your team mates and remember, sports fans, this is for fun!

Hole  Game
 1 Nothing says summer like a game of beach volleyball. Usually golfers try to stay as far away from the sand as possible, but not today. It’s time for sand, sun, and volleyball!

Play- Drive your ball. Pick up and place your second shot in the sand and chip out. Try to volley your golf ball over our net for an ace!

 2 Getting swept up in World Cup Fever this summer was a blast. Now it’s time to enjoy a little of that fun on the golf course!

Play- Drive your ball. On your second shot, give your golf ball a little or a big soccer kick! Remember—no hands and definitely no clubs! Finish the hole with your golf clubs.

 3 Fall is almost here and that means football! Whether it’s high school, college, or pro--- we love it all!

Play- Drive your ball. Put your driver away and get out your Josh Allen cannon arm, because on your second shot we want you to throw this ball to the end zone! Finish the hole with your golf clubs.

 4 Nothing can beat the beautiful grass courts of Wimbledon. In fact, the game of tennis used to be played only on grass. In honor of those grass courts, we want you to put down your driver and pick up a racket.

Play- Drive your ball using the tennis racket at the tee box. Continue play with your golf clubs.

 5 There’s nothing like a full court press to get our hearts pumping! Time for a little b-ball at the muni.

Play- Use your golf clubs to play up to the green. Once on, your first “putt” should be a jump shot for the hole.

 6 Now we have reached our favorite sport—golf! We may not be pros but we always have fun on our course and that’s what really matters.

Play-Pick a partner out of your foursome. Using the same ball as your partner alternate shots until you hole the ball.

 7 One of our favorite lawn games in the summer and indoor games in the winter is bowling! While lawn bowling may not be the same, it’s still a lot of fun especially on the green!

Play- Play golf as normal, once on the green, put that putter away! You will need to “bowl” or roll your ball in the hole

 8 The second best summer game (as far as we are concerned) is baseball! There’s nothing better than peanuts, cracker jacks, hot dogs--- and watching baseball!

Play- Batter up! Put that driver away and take a swing at the golf ball with a bat at the tee box. After the drive, continue golfing as normal.

 9 We are so not ready for winter! But when it hits, we will definitely be watching a little hockey!

Play- Golf as normal until you get to the green. Use one of the hockey sticks to putt your ball in! The goalie has definitely been pulled for these shots!