Welcome to the City of Casper, Wyoming


Family Golf Day

Join us for a fun afternoon of family golf! Play our 9 hole  themed golf game. You can even dress the part! Call the pro shop at 307-233-6620 to get your family a tee time (reservations taken 8 days in advance of each event). The 9 hole game will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

Tee times will be accepted between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. If you need to borrow kid's clubs, please let the pro know when you call. Price is $76 for a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids) and includes a cart (a 30% savings!). Carts are required for the event to maintain speed of play. Carts may only be driven by golfers 16 and up with a valid drivers license.

Family Golf Day Schedule and Themes

Sunday, May 20th- Superhero (tee times accepted May 12-19)
Sunday, June 17th- Father's Day (tee times accepted June 9-16)
Sunday, July 15th- Beach Play (tee times accepted July 7-14)
Sunday, August 12th Team Spirit (tee times accepted August 4-11)

Superhero Family Golf Day Game
Sunday, May 20th

Three of the world’s greatest villains are wreaking havoc on the Casper Municipal Golf Course. Calling all superheroes! We need your help more than ever! Help the golf course return to order and save the day! Adults may tee off at their regular tees or at the tee boxes marked in gray. All youth should tee off at the tee boxes marked with grey markers. Remember, superheroes, this is for fun!

Hole  Game
 1 Iron Man was first on the scene and attempted to stop the villainous mayhem on his own. Unfortunately, his suit needs charging. To help, Pepper has found that golfers using their irons creates an energy vortex above number 1, just what he needs to recharge.

Play- You heard Pepper, irons only (no woods or fairway woods, hybrids are okay) until your team reaches the green.
 2 Loki is up to his old antics and has created much confusion on the golf course. His switching spell is affecting all the play and is leading to interesting results.

Play- switch balls with the player whose name is under yours on the scorecard (1 with 2, 2 with 3, 3 with 4 and 4 with 1) on your second shot. This should lift Loki’s spell.
 3 Hulk is on the scene and ready to end the mayhem. He’s been smashing the ball up and down the golf course with amazing results.

Play- The Hulk always wins longest drive. Tee off and then pick up your drive and take it to the sign in the middle of the fairway for your second shot. The Hulk has helped you get just a little farther in this adventure.
 4 Thor is very impressed with the Hulk’s smashing skills, however; he thinks his hammer, Mjolnir can do better. The extremely durable hammer forged from the Asgardian metal Uru is better than any Callaway, Titleist, Cleveland or any other club. The magical hammer always puts the ball on the green.

Play- Drive your ball and then pick it up and take it to the marker on the green. Thor’s hammer will not be outdone.
 5 Captain America and his indestructible shield have been working hard to fight off the invaders, but he needs your help. He knows that teamwork is the best way to defeat these villains and that by fighting alone… we are letting the villains win.

Play- Alternate shots (1 player will tee off, the next player will hit the second shot and so on). Take turns hitting the same ball and use your team skills to save the day!
 6 Wonder Woman is ready to help you win this battle. Using her skill with her lasso of truth, she changes the air currents around your ball, making it fly straight and true—keeping this adventure right on track.

Play- Drive your ball. Keep your distance, but move your ball into the middle of the fairway, even if it was out of bounds.
 7 The battle was almost won, but Dr. Doom now stands between you and a heroic win. It will not be an easy battle.

Play: Tee off. In the battle, Dr. Doom uses his sorcery to suspend your clubs. You will need to throw your second shot to proceed. The throw should release your clubs to continue play.
 8 Spider Man has been slinging web all day. And he apologizes for leaving a mess on the 8th green. To get to the finish, you will need to avoid his massive web with awesome putting skills.

Play: Avoid Spiderman’s web as your team putts out. Use your skills to keep it rolling.
 9 Uh oh. Thanos stands between your team and total victory. He knows that your team is carrying infinity stones hidden in your ball. To defeat him, your team must band together and hole the ball. This will send the infinity stones through a portal and keep them safe.

Play: Scramble- everyone tees off, pick the best ball position and hit your next shot. Again, pick the best ball and so on. You must hole the ball in 3 putts or better to send the stone through the portal.