Welcome to the City of Casper, Wyoming


Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do you have to have a tee time to play?
A  Currently you must have a tee time to play golf.  Tee times can be made up to 3 days in advance.  At this time walk up play is not allowed.

Q Is there a dress code?
A     There is not an official dress code to play golf.  We do require that all patrons wear a shirt at all times.

Q Where can I buy a Season Pass?

A     Season Passes can be renewed by phone (307)233-6620 and new passes may be purchased in person at the pro shop starting April 29th.

Q When does the golf course open?
A     Currently no golfers are allowed on the course until the first tee time of 7 am. 
Q How can I get information about things going on at the golf course?
A     The golf course has a Facebook page that is updated with things happening at the golf course.  Search Casper Municipal Golf Course on Facebook to “like” or follow the page for updates on the happenings at the course. 

Q     Is there food and drinks available at the golf course? 

A      Currently the restaurant is undergoing a remodel, the opening date of the restaurant is TBD

Q     Can I bring my kids out to play?

A     Absolutely!  Casper Municipal golf course is open to anyone that would like to come out and play.  Groups are limited to four people and each person must have their own clubs.  The course will occasionally make an exception for a family of five if the course is not full. 

Q Can I come out and run, walk, or bike at the golf course?
A     Unfortunately, during the golf season the golf course is only for use for people wishing to play golf.  It is too dangerous to have people running or biking on the course while people are playing.  

Q What is the most amount of people that I can play with during a round of golf?

A     Casper Municipal Golf course limits a group to 4 people or a “foursome”.  If you come to the course with more than that the groups will need to be split up into smaller groups with the most being 4 people.  Please do not join back up once you get away from the Pro Shop.  We limit the groups to 4, to keep the speed of play moving so others behind you aren’t constantly waiting for you to finish a hole.